[developers] Linguist PPA for Ubuntu and special Live-System 14.04

Stefan Müller Stefan.Mueller at fu-berlin.de
Wed Mar 19 17:55:06 CET 2014

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Dear Damir and others,

This is cool! Currently Gerald Penn is here and we are working on a
new Trale release. I have the Grammix virtual machine which already
contains Trale, utool, gralej, LKB (probably not the version that is
up todate), [incr TSDB()], text books, ....


If there would be a complete linguistics virtual machine containing
everything, this would be even cooler!

I recently talked to Stephan Oepen and maybe there are ways to combine
the two HPSG branches and have some synergy effects. Some joint Matrix
with feedback from both camps or things like this ...

Best wishes


Am 19.03.14 17:35, schrieb Damir Cavar:
> Hi C.J., and everybody,
> thanks for the offer. If you are interested to volunteer and help
> with this project, this is great. If you have some ideas how to put
> a package with the DELPH-IN tools together and prepare it for
> either our Launchpad PPA or an independent PPA with the binaries
> only on our LINGUIST List server, this would be great.
> Also, if you have a suggestion, what other CL or NLP packages might
> be useful for development and education purposes, let us know. We
> are collecting a list, prioritizing it and preparing packages
> accordingly.
> We have an empty PPA here right now:
> https://launchpad.net/~linguist
> and we use our corporate Bitbucket repo for code management, where
> we can share project space with you.
> The catalog of software packages and more information on "Ubuntu
> for Linguists" (as we named this project) will show up on the new
> LINGUIST List pages soon: http://new.linguistlist.org/software/
> Our goals are to cover: 1. grammar engineering tools 2. common
> corpus tools 3. language technology for language documentation
> (Praat, Flex, ELAN, EXMARALDA etc.) 4. speech recognition tools
> (that are not yet part of the standard Ubuntu software catalog) 5.
> common text and language processing tools
> We have some sort of our special Ubuntu distro (via a
> post-installer to extend it with the necessary packages and
> configuration) for local work at LINGUIST List and in classes. We
> want to prepare a more generic one and make packages available to a
> broader community via a centralized PPA (or two), hopefully with
> contribution and support from the global community.
> Whoever is interested in contributing to that, let us know, and we
> can share resources and information.
> Best wishes
> Damir
> On 03/19/2014 12:17 PM, C.J. Adams-Collier wrote:
>> Hi there Damir,
>> I've got some friends with experience building specialized
>> Ubuntu releases, and I've been using and developing on Debian
>> since 1996. Let me know if there's anything I can do to assist.
>> Cheers,
>> C.J.
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>> On Mar 18, 2014 7:39 AM, "Emily M. Bender" <ebender at uw.edu 
>> <mailto:ebender at uw.edu>> wrote:
>> Dear all,
>> This looks like an interesting chance to raise the profile of 
>> DELPH-IN tools, at least among linguists.  Is anyone interested
>> in working with Damir, or at least pointing him in the right
>> direction?
>> Emily
>> ---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: *Damir Cavar*
>> <damir.cavar at gmail.com <mailto:damir.cavar at gmail.com>> Date: Sun,
>> Mar 16, 2014 at 10:36 AM Subject: Linguist PPA for Ubuntu and
>> special Live-System 14.04 To: "Emily M. Bender" <ebender at uw.edu
>> <mailto:ebender at uw.edu>>
>> Hi Emily,
>> we are setting up a special Ubuntu PPA, currently empty:
>> https://launchpad.net/~linguist/+archive/linguist 
>> <https://launchpad.net/%7Elinguist/+archive/linguist>
>> and we are creating a special "for linguists" Ubuntu live-system
>> for USB-Thumb-drives (maybe using USB-3 ones so that it would be 
>> usable). We might launch this next week or in two weeks to add it
>> as a new activity to the fund-drive.
>> We are collecting ideas for packages that are not commonly part
>> of Ubuntu (we will have a list of packages for CL and
>> linguistics that are in Ubuntu on our
>> http://new.linguistlist.org/software/
>> page (working on this, an user-extensible catalog of
>> linguistically relevant software, replacing our old Linguist
>> software info service). If you or some of your students have
>> ideas, contributions, we can share the hidden Bitbucket
>> repository (Git) where we set up the package code, or find other
>> ways to exchange tools or just lists of useful tools. We generate
>> the package code for the PPA from the Git-repository.
>> Our goal is to have a fully functional Ubuntu (most recent 
>> version) with all the common packages available for installation,
>> and some packages preinstalled, running from an USB-drive on Macs
>> (Intel) and PCs. We are also considering to come up with special
>> versions for Intel-based tablets (some of the Asus tablets, or
>> the Microsoft Surface etc.).
>> Brent Woo was showing me the Ubuntu that you use for grammar 
>> engineering. Maybe we can bring this together and build finally
>> a specialized version with the common tools that we use for
>> teaching and research? I contacted Cannonical and asked for the
>> permission to extend the boot-logo and other symbols with "for
>> Linguists" and so on.
>> Thanks!
>> CU DC
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