[developers] LOGON and java

Arne Skjærholt arnsholt at gmail.com
Tue Nov 25 23:46:05 CET 2014

I've run into this same problem on my laptop. Very confusing to have
stuff that worked fine yesterday break inexplicably with strange error
messages. My personal fix is this:

if [ -f $LOGONROOT/dot.bashrc ]; then
    . $LOGONROOT/dot.bashrc

It's worked just fine for me (although I'm not a very heavy user of
the logon tree), so there might be some incompatibilities lurking.

And since Stephan asked what the problem is: I hack a bit on an open
source project that uses a new feature (invokedynamic, a new
instruction added to the JVM instruction set in 1.7). Java 8 also
added some new syntax to the Java language, I think. These days,
bundling Java might be a bit excessive (especially given the JVM's
excellent backwards compatibility).


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