[developers] How to debug SemI

Berthold Crysmann berthold.crysmann at gmail.com
Wed Dec 10 18:16:21 CET 2014

Dear all, dear Stephan,

I am trying to provide a SemI for a French LTAG generator, as part of a 
baby German-French logon system.
I have used the erg.smi file as a model, changed the signature and 
property definitions according to what features and values are licit 
(pre-VPM) and compiled a list of valid predicates.

The .smi file is loaded in the script, and the second transfer phase has 
:filter t.

However, the SemI doesn't do anything. I am testing with a purposefully 
misspelled predicate, but I consistently get black, rather than magenta. 
My SemI for GG (Fr-De), by contrast works as expected.

How can one debug this kind of problem ?

Thanks in advance for any pointers.




We do have a working GenI tsdb++ client now. Thanks!

Berthold Crysmann <crysmann at linguist.jussieu.fr>
CNRS, Laboratoire de linguistique formelle (UMR 7110), U Paris Diderot
Case 7031, 5 rue Thomas Mann, 75205 Paris cedex 13
Bureau 545, bâtiment Olympe de Gouges, rue Albert Einstein, 75013 Paris

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