[developers] Generation in ACE on Ubuntu+LKB

Nurit Melnik nuritme at openu.ac.il
Thu Feb 5 14:21:35 CET 2015


I've recently started working with ACE on the Ubuntu+LKB platform (version 21, 64-bit).

With the LKB I managed to generate all input with my grammar, by using the right-click option on the parse tree.
With ACE I can generate with ERG, but I have problems with my grammar.

Intransitives work fine:
echo "Dan ate" | ace -g grammar.dat  -T 2>/dev/null | ace -g grammar.dat -e
But with “Dan ate cake” I get the following error:

"NOTE: terminating search, too much RAM"

I tried  generating by using the right-click option on the parse tree (in LUI mode).
I got the following message with ERG and with my grammar, regardless of valence:

"LUI: don't know how to brows edge 6's 'generate' " (where “6” depends on the sentence.)

This also happens with other right-click options, except for AVMs and simple MRS.

What am I missing here?

Thanks in advance,

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