[developers] More ACE/LKB divergences (underspecified generation)

Francis Bond bond at ieee.org
Thu Mar 5 07:54:44 CET 2015



Hmm, you have led me to uncover a bug :-/.

JaEn, proudly triggering obscure bugs since 2003 :-).

> Here's what's going on.  As per the St. Wendel discussion you cited, the
> status of that subsumption check is slightly murky, because there are a
> couple of ways it could be done, specifically: using the grammar-internal
> type hierarchy or using the SEMI hierarchy.  The objects to be compared are
> MRSes, so the elements in question ought to be governed by the SEMI, but
> traditionally the comparison has actually been made by a round-about
> procedure involving VPM'ing into the grammar internal type hierarchy and
> doing the subsumption tests there.  At some point I made the decision to do
> the comparison without VPM'ing in ACE, but it seems I didn't get all the
> way there, so at the moment the system seems to be comparing external
> elements using the grammar internal hierarchy (a bad idea and perhaps
> formally undefined, but apparently mostly functional).  The type m-or-f
> does not exist in the ERG's internal hierarchy, so it is treated as
> subsuming only itself.
> The plan is now to fix the post generation subsumption test to use the
> SEMI hierarchy, which includes the m-or-f type, but I am a bit worried that
> fixing that will cause the ship to spring a leak somewhere else... we'll
> see :-)

We will be happy to test a new version and see what else we can bring to
light, ...

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