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Michael Wayne Goodman goodmami at u.washington.edu
Sat Jan 9 01:01:56 CET 2016

I can answer two of your questions:

On Fri, Jan 8, 2016 at 12:47 PM Ann Copestake <aac10 at cl.cam.ac.uk> wrote:

> - did anyone get round to doing a version of the mrs.dtd files with
> ICONS?  or otherwise specifying what it's supposed to look like in XML?

I started one a while ago but failed to finish it, so I just now wrapped it
up. It's in the RelaxNG compact format (
http://relaxng.org/compact-tutorial-20030326.html). The schema (mrs.rnc) is
attached. You can use the Jing validator (
http://www.thaiopensource.com/relaxng/jing.html) like this:

    jing -c mrs.rnc mrs-corpus.xml

It's nearly an exact translation of the mrs.dtd file from the LOGON
repository, except:

* the values for cfrom and cto (if present) are constrained to be integers

* "d" is an accepted pos on a realpred

* variable sorts accept any string (the DTD didn't have the "p" sort, nor
did it have the grammar-internal sorts like "event", "handle", "ref-ind",

* there's a definition for ICONS

Note: where HCONS has hi and lo variables, ICONS has iarg1 and iarg2. These
names just come from their features in the Matrix. An earlier version
called them "clause" and "target", but that terminology was specific to
information-structure, and ICONS can supposedly accommodate other kinds of
relations as well. Also, Emily says "hi" and "lo" are not appropriate
because there's no hierarchical meaning associated to the two arguments. I
don't think anybody else has thought about the MRS XML format with regards
to ICONS, so please feel free to choose better names for these arguments.

> - similarly, I have messages from 7/14 and 8/14 with a proposal for
> SimpleMRS v1.1 from Mike but can't find a version with ICONS on the
> wiki.  I am, no doubt, missing something obvious ....

I think the message to the developers list (
http://lists.delph-in.net/archives/developers/2014/001969.html) has the
most information about SimpleMRS v1.1 format. Note that in that thread I
refer to the ICONS "clause" and "target", which are now outdated terms.
There's also examples in pyDelphin's unit tests (which are human-readable):

Unfortunately, none of this information has yet made it to the wiki.
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