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Thu Nov 10 15:25:51 CET 2016

I cannot comment on Jacy, but you should be aware that not all MRSs can be
converted to DMRS.  If you would like to generate from an MRS that is not
DMRS-compatible, then you should not try to convert the MRS to DMRS and

An important constraint for an MRS to be DMRS-compatible is that each
variable can only be the intrinsic variable of a single EP.

2016-11-10 12:22 GMT+00:00 Naman Deep Singh <nmndeep at gmail.com>:

> Sir,
> The segmentation issue was resolved
> But,
> Whilst running this particular sentence:
>  その部屋はあまり静かじゃないです。
> The ACE generated MRS has "ARG0: e2" for two different attributes as in
> (inp.mrs)
> When we try to generate DMRS from ACE generated MRS of this sentence a
> warning error is shown :
> /home/naman/.local/lib/python2.7/site-packages/delphin/mrs/simplemrs.py:244:
> XmrsWarning: e2 is the intrinsic variable for more than one EP.
>   warn(str(ex), XmrsWarning)
> Now on reverse generation of the sentence via the MRS generated from the
> DMRS the same error prompts up and sentence generation is failed.
> Please look into the problem.
> With Regards
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