[developers] Regular Expressions in Transfer Rules

Francis Bond bond at ieee.org
Wed Mar 1 01:38:00 CET 2017


Mike and I noticed (after a hint from Matic) that one of the rules in jaen
did not fire in ACE in the same way it did with LOGON.

in jaen/erg.tdl there is a rule to get rid of any left over marks:

all_mark_ditch_ef := elision_mtr &
[ INPUT.RELS < [ PRED "~mark$" ] > ].

This should match any predicate ending with "mark" --- but does not.   When
we rewrote it to:

all_mark_ditch_ef := elision_mtr &
[ INPUT.RELS < [ PRED "~_mark" ] > ].

it matched most of the things we want, but will over match (including,
e.g.,  "_mark_n_1").

Is this a principled difference in the regular expression handling?  Should
we be writing it in another way?


Francis Bond <http://www3.ntu.edu.sg/home/fcbond/>
Division of Linguistics and Multilingual Studies
Nanyang Technological University
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