[developers] Latest ERG not generating unknown names with ACE

Dan Flickinger danf at stanford.edu
Sun Apr 16 01:28:18 CEST 2017

Woodley, your prediction was a good one.  If I comment out the loading of that file in `english.tdl' and recompile, then the unknown proper names work right again, and similarly if I comment out each of the rules in the file but load it, all is still well.  But if I uncomment any one of the rules, we lose the proper names again.  So it would seem that the very act of tampering with the orthography in post-generation interacts badly with whatever the clever step is that causes the CARG value of the unknown proper name to be realized as its surface orthography.


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I wonder whether something may be going on with the ACE-only post-generation token mapping rules?  I believe Dan has started toying with those, although I lack the proper internet connection to investigate this hypothesis currently.


On Apr 15, 2017, at 1:38 PM, Stephan Oepen <oe at ifi.uio.no> wrote:

>> I attach the relevant MRSs (same sentence; one created with the ERG trunk
>> and the other with the 1214 version).
> these MRSs appear equivalent in content; the ERG trunk has not yet
> turned on predicate normalization by default (because that switch also
> turns on SEM-I–based MRS processing, and finalizing the SEM-I prior to
> a release currently is a non-trivial process, hence not applied to the
> trunk yet), hence the spurious string vs. type distinctions and _rel
> suffixes on predicates.  also, which engine did you use?  it still
> outputs old-style LTOP (which should be TOP nowadays).
> anyway, the MRSs look fine and give the expected result in the LKB generator:
> LKB(42): (pprint
>          (lkb::generate-from-mrs
>           (mrs::read-mrs-from-file "~/Downloads/unity-logon.mrs")))
> ("Ubuntu is dropping unity.")
> LKB(43): (pprint
>          (lkb::generate-from-mrs
>           (mrs::read-mrs-from-file "~/Downloads/unity-trunk.mrs")))
> ("Ubuntu is dropping unity.")
> —i suspect you might not have run (lkb::index-for-generator) after
> loading the grammar?
> best, oe

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