[developers] ERG demo in GNOME's standard web browser (webkit)

Joshua Crowgey jcrowgey at uw.edu
Wed May 3 23:02:49 CEST 2017

I was able to replicate this on my laptop.  I also found that if you
click "inspect" and look at the page as epiphany has found it, you find
nothing inside the <head>.  In case it's useful, here is a cut-n-paste:



...lots more along these lines ...

���M�hy�w����Y��PD</q���cuo at t'�߲'n��p_��lڝ$�;></e�f�r�w�r%`ت<></sц�\4��d��"}�����'k0#�}��8�y��`��\w痳b����6~�:��s?lyf���></n������=�l1l�����b��К�@՚�������)�<eІ����></v��&��*<t�ow7����2:i\\4��o�></j��></trҸno></body></html>

I also tested using wget to grab the html, then pointing epiphany at the
file saved by wget and this looks signficantly more on track (see


On 05/03/2017 01:47 PM, Berthold Crysmann wrote:
> Dear Dan and Stephan, dear developers, 
> it just happens that the ERG demo is the first page I encountered that
> does not display properly in GNOME's standard web browser (which is
> epiphany BTW). Same happens with a local instance of the HaG demo. If
> you have a look at the screenshot, you'll see I am not talking minor
> glitches in the layout or so. I was quite surprised that a webkit-based 
> browser may have such problems with our demos. Any ideas, other than
> fire up firefox(1) ?   
> Cheers, 
> Berthold
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