[developers] New yzlui binary for MacOSX

Woodley Packard sweaglesw at sweaglesw.org
Sat Aug 12 18:06:39 CEST 2017

Fellow DELPH-IN-ites,

It was great to see and talk with many of you at the summit this past week.  I received the distinct impression that a few shortcomings in the Mac version of yzlui have been causing disproportionate inconvenience for a nontrivial number of users.  Accordingly, I stepped up my already tireless efforts to keep the grammarians happy, I am pleased to announce the immediate availability of a new file for the brave to test out:


This is the same URL that the previous release appeared at, so the (minimal) installation documentation on the wiki should need no revision.  Please note that all of the components of that package have been updated, i.e. the new support libraries will need to be copied to their appropriate locations, in addition to the application itself.  Just in case you encounter new troubles with this version that outweigh the advantages (e.g. for all I know the compiler I used may have produced something that won’t run on older OSX versions?), it should be easy to downgrade again to the old version, which is preserved at a similar URL:


The improvements you should expect to see are:
1) contextual menus should work much better,
2) scroll bars should no longer be invisible, and
3) type hierarchies should now be browseable, either via the "Type Hierarchy" menu item in the AVM browser or via the ":H sometype" command typed into ACE. Note that this browser may not be as zippy as the one John demonstrated at the summit; I haven’t had a chance to compare them.

If you are feeling communicative, I would be happy to hear whether or not the update works at your end.

Safe and productive flights to all, and I look forward to the next summit!

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