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Berthold Crysmann berthold.crysmann at gmail.com
Mon Sep 11 15:21:50 CEST 2017

Dear all,

in the context of a grammar for French, I have just tried setting 
infl-pos to the first list member to correctly treat  MWEs like 
"pomme(s) de terre" or "kilomètre(s) par heure".

Here's the code snippet:

(defun find-infl-pos (unifs orths sense-id)
  (declare (ignore unifs orths sense-id))

It seems that the above user-defined function works in parsing, but 
does not work in either generation or when interactively applying 
lexical rules to word/lexical entries.

Similarly, when setting the function to nil, parsing accepts with 
inflection in either place, but generation still behaves according to 
LKB's default, which is (length orths).

Grep'ing through the code, I find reference to infl-pos in 
main/parse.lsp and main/lex.lsp, but not e.g. in mrs/generate.lsp, 
which is sort of congruent.

What is the current status of the infl-pos business in the LKB. Having 
divergent behaviour in parsing and generation does not seem optimal to 

Furthermore, what do other processors do with inflection if *orth-path* 
(or its equivalent) is a list?

Thanks in advance for clarifying this.




It appears to me that in the limiting case infl-pos should be 
specifiable as a property of specific lexical entries.

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