[developers] Why is MODIFIED in SYNSEM

Kristen Howell kphowell at uw.edu
Thu Nov 9 19:55:48 CET 2017

Hi all,

I am working on an analysis for adverbial subordinators in clausal
modifiers in the Grammar Matrix, and I'm adding a feature similar to
MODIFIED. This feature will track the presence of an adverb (so that a rule
higher up can be sensitive to it).  It will "start" on the adverb (with
different types corresponding to different adverbial subordinators) and be
passed to the mother of the head-adj-phrase.

Since this feature is very similar to MODIFIED (which the Grammar Matrix
adopted from the ERG), I have put it in SYNSEM and more or less mirrored
the way MODIFIED tracks in the grammar. My question is if anyone remembers
why MODIFIED lives all the way out in SYNSEM. Of course it couldn't be a
HEAD feature because it tracks with the modified daughter, but why not CAT

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