[developers] People v. Grazer (1956) 138 Cal.App.2d 274.

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Happy New Year!


In the subject phrase, "Cal. App.2d" refers to the California Court of
Appeal for the 2nd district.


We augment the ERG with the following lexical entry:


*	California_Court_of_Appeal_2nd_District_NNP_abb := n_-_pn_le & [
ORTH < "Cal.","App.","2d" >, SYNSEM [ LKEYS.KEYREL.CARG "CA Court of Appeal,
2nd District", PHON.ONSET con ] ].


We do not use the ERG's assumption that uppercase or capitalized tokens are
proper_ne, as in the following token mapping rules, but the case here would
hold if the text was all lowercase.


We send in the following (via FSC as attached):

1.	Cal
2.	.
3.	App
4.	.
5.	2d


Note that this tokenization splits the period from the preceding letters.
The example here would hold for any punctuation split during tokenization
and joined by token mapping rules, however (e.g., hypens, commas, ...).


We see suffix_punctuation_tmr derive the following tokens:

*	Cal.
*	App.


PET aborts the parse and informs us that there are no lexicon entries for


PET is looking for "unexpanded_items" if the chart is not "connected", but
there seems to be an error in that computation, as shown below.


So we modify PET not to abort in this case (but to inform us) and the parse
completes, albeit using only the following lexical entry:


*	Califonia_Court_of_Appeal_NNP_abb := n_-_pn_le & [ ORTH < "Cal.",
"App." >, SYNSEM [ LKEYS.KEYREL.CARG "California Court of Appeal",
PHON.ONSET con ] ].


That is, we obtain spanning parses of the phrase (despite PET's warning),
although not the desired one as follows.


We see alphanumeric_identifier_ne_4_tmr (harmlessly for the purposes of this
discussion) derive a proper_ne for '2d' but the first lexical entry above is
not triggered. 


I have no idea why the 3-part lexical entry is not matched.


Any ideas?

Thank you,



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