[developers] Questions on the syntax of TDL

Michael Wayne Goodman goodmami at uw.edu
Mon Jul 9 21:49:52 CEST 2018

Hi developers,

I'm taking a closer look at the syntax of TDL files and the situation is a
bit of a mess. Can anyone help me clarify some things? (I'll restrict
myself to 3 questions for now)

The Copestake 2002 reference (Implementing TFS Grammars) has a BNF for TDL,
but it's a bit out of date and, according to comments in the LKB source
code, incorrect in parts. The LKB source comments are scattered,
incomplete, inconsistent, and also a bit outdated. There is not much on the
wiki. There is some discussion in the mailing list archives (much from
before my time in DELPH-IN), but it's not clear how current those
descriptions are.

Q1: Are supertypes special in a definition?

The BNF (in the LKB source) says this:

    Type-def -> Type { Avm-def | Subtype-def} . |
                         Type { Avm-def | Subtype-def}.
    Avm-def -> := Conjunction | Comment Conjunction
    Conjunction -> Term { & Term } *
    Term -> Type | Feature-term | Diff-list | List | Coreference

That makes it sound like I could do this:

    mytype := [ FEAT val ] & supertype.

or even:

    mytype := <! diff list.. !> & #coref & supertype.

But elsewhere it seems like a list of parents is special and appears before
the rest of the conjunction. E.g., at read-tdl-avm-def of
lingo/lkb/src/io-tdl/tdltypeinput.lsp I see this alternate definition of

  ;;; Avm-def -> := Parents Conjunction | Parents Comment Conjunction |
  ;;;               Parents | Parents Comment

It seems that both ACE and PET are fine with putting supertypes after the
feature list (and some other variations). I'm fine with this, but I wonder
what it means for docstrings (see Q3 below), which (I think) are supposed
to appear after the list of parents and before the feature list.

Q2: Subtype-def is now just a variant of Avm-def, yes?

The BNF still describes subtyping (with the :< operator) as only taking a
single parent:

    Subtype-def ->  :< type

But I believe the consensus is that this is unnecessary (it's equivalent to
using := with only a supertype), so :< is treated as equivalent to := (to
avoid breaking backward compatibility). Is this interpretation used by all

Q3: What's the final word with type comments / docstrings?

I find evidence of 3 proposed variants: (1) a block of ";" comments before
a typename (LTDB-style); (2) a block of ";" comments within a type
description; and (3) a "doc string" within a type description. Furthermore,
there is a question as to whether comments or strings within a type go
after the ":=" or after the list of supertypes. I think #| ... |# comments
were not considered for this purpose.

My guess is this:

* LTDB-style comments (before the type identifier) are processed separately
from TDL-parsing
* type-internal comments can go anywhere but are discarded
* type-internal doc strings must appear after the list of supertypes and
are later available for inspection (they are included as a non-functional
part of a type)

ACE seems happy with my assumptions, although PET doesn't seem to like doc
strings at all.


Michael Wayne Goodman
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