[developers] PyDelphin v0.9.0

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Fri Oct 19 20:43:00 CEST 2018

Hi developers,

Angie and I have released v0.9.0 of PyDelphin. You can upgrade via `pip`:

    pip install -U pydelphin

Below is a summary of major changes.

* Updated TDL parsing based on recent discussions on this list
* TDL serialization
* TSQL 'select' queries
* Basic type hierarchy support (e.g., for SEM-I files, does not yet include
GLB calculations)
* API access to `delphin` commands (e.g., `delphin mkprof`, etc.) at

In addition, numerous bugs and minor features are included. See the
CHANGELOG for details:

Also see the documentation for usage examples:

Our roadmap has only one more release before v1.0.0 which will remove
various deprecated functionality and Python 2 support. If your concerned
about these changes breaking your code, please contact us directly or file
an issue on GitHub: https://github.com/delph-in/pydelphin/issues

-Michael Wayne Goodman
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