[developers] terg in the LOGON tree

Stephan Oepen oe at ifi.uio.no
Fri Mar 15 14:17:33 CET 2019

thanks for confirming that the additional SVN option works around that new
issue for you too!  i will update the LogonExtras page accordingly.

yes, by default an ’svn update‘ in a parent directory will descend into
’switch‘ed in sub-directories and request updates from their repository.
 so, in a sense, the LOGON tree serves as a collection of modules, some
maintained in their own repository, that are configured for

’svn.delph-in.net‘, ’svn.emmtee.net’, and ’logon.emmtee.net‘ (for LOGON
developers only) in fact all (currently) are prefixes to the same SVN
namespace.  in you list below, ’/trunk‘ is the LOGON tree, whereas
’/erg/trunk‘ is the ERG.

all clear now?  oe

On Friday, March 15, 2019, Alexandre Rademaker <arademaker at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi Stephan,
> Thank you for your answer. Yes, it worked as you expected. Since I am not
> familiar with SVN, how to keep the local directory updated after this
> command? An svn update in the LOGONROOT will also update the terg
> directory? Maybe it is important to say some words about it. The command
> was:
> svn switch http://svn.emmtee.net/erg/trunk . --ignore-ancestry
> So I am assuming that all 3 repositories below are in sync, right? Page
> http://moin.delph-in.net/LogonExtras says that 1 and 3  is the same SVN
> repository, but what about 2?
> 1. http://svn.emmtee.net/trunk
> 2. http://svn.delph-in.net/erg/trunk
> 3. http://logon.emmtee.net/erg/trunk
> All the best,
> --
> Alexandre Rademaker
> http://arademaker.github.io
> > On 15 Mar 2019, at 03:39, Stephan Oepen <oe at ifi.uio.no> wrote:
> >
> > hi alexandre,
> >
> > i can reproduce the issue you describe on one of my linux environments,
> while the instructions as published work fine on others.  it appears newer
> versions of the SVN client enforce some testing that gets in the way.  and
> for all i can tell right now, that is an unwarranted error report.
> >
> > either way, the problem goes away when i follow the instructions from
> SVN, i.e. add ‘—ignore-ancestry’ to the ‘switch’ command.  could you try
> that too and report back?  if it works for you too, i shall update the
> LogonExtras page.
> >
> > in general, you need to use the same base SVN address as for the
> original ‘checkout’, ‘http://svn.emmtee.net’ for most people.  the
> purpose of the LOGONSVN environment variable is to enforce such uniformity
> of SVN access methods.
> >
> > so please just try the command from the LogonExtras page, with the
> addition of the ‘—ignore-ancestry’ switch.
> >
> > cheers, oe
> >
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