[developers] acetools and fftb segmentation fault

Alexandre Rademaker arademaker at gmail.com
Sat Mar 16 20:19:05 CET 2019


(I have also reported it in https://delphinqa.ling.washington.edu/t/compiling-fftb/255/7)

Using the last version of fftb from http://sweaglesw.org/linguistics/acetools/ I am getting a `Segmentation fault` when I try to `accept` or `reject` an annotation.

    $ ./fftb -g ~/ace-0.9.30-x86-64/erg-2018-x86-64-0.9.30.dat --webdir ~/fftb-osx/assets/ ~/repsol/repsol-100-ff/
    grammar image: /home/user/ace-0.9.30-x86-64/erg-2018-x86-64-0.9.30.dat
    listening on
    should GET    /private/
    should GET    /private/parse?profile=/&id=34
    item id 34 -> input 'Average ultimate production per acre for these fields is 3.7 MMCFG.'
    profile parse id 34
    -> loaded stored forest
    found stored forest (1153 edges connected to 21 roots).<br/>
    UCSTAT: input 1153 edges, output 1133 edges
    should GET    /private/session?0
    should GET    /private/assets/render.js
    should GET    /private/assets/control.js
    should POST    /session?0;1;;
    should POST    /session?0;0;9:10;_olddecs=
    should POST    /session?0;0;10:11;_olddecs=
    should POST    /session?0;0;9:10;_olddecs=
    should POST    /session?0;0;;_olddecs=
    should POST    /comment?0&
    Segmentation fault

BTW, I solved my problem with my docker (https://github.com/own-pt/docker-logon) using the nginx server to make the connection between my browser in the host machine (MacOS), the VM created by the Docker Desktop and the fftb process inside the container.

Regarding the —auto parameter, reading more carefully the help:

$ ./fftb -h
usage:  ./fftb -g grammar.dat [--gold profile_path [--auto]] [--browser [firefox]] [--webdir web_path] profile_path

I understood that —auto is optional if —gold is given. But anyway, I am just suggesting a better error handling for this case.


Alexandre Rademaker

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