[developers] Convenient ways to parse a corpus into DM

Zhaofeng Wu zfw7 at cs.uw.edu
Mon May 6 22:09:03 CEST 2019

I managed to fire up a local LOGON server, but for some reason it is
lacking DM. If I check all DM, EDS, and MRS buttons on the web page,
the DM representation is not returned. The same thing happens if I
manually query the REST service using the PyDelphin wrapper. Do you
know why this is happening? I briefly looked around, and noticed that
on around line 800 of the lingo/lkb/src/tsdb/lisp/www.lisp script,
there is handling of EDS and MRS, but not DM. But as someone who is
familiar neither with Lisp nor the LOGON system, that was the best
that I could find.

Thank you,

On Mon, May 6, 2019 at 10:31 AM Zhaofeng Wu <zfw7 at cs.uw.edu> wrote:
> Hi,
> What would be a convenient way to parse a corpus into the DM
> representation using an ERG-based parser? The ERG API does the job if
> I pass `dm: sdp`, but it is not suitable for parsing a large corpus. I
> read that I can use `$LOGONROOT/www`, but I’m encountering some errors
> running that. Before I ask about those errors, I want to first make
> sure that this is indeed the easiest way to go.
> Thanks,
> Zhaofeng

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