[erg] ERG Release 05-Dec-05

Dan Flickinger danf at csli.stanford.edu
Thu Dec 8 14:23:40 CET 2005

I am happy to announce the availability of a new release of the ERG:
the 05-Dec-05 version.  While this version does not incorporate
dramatic new capabilities or changes in basic approach from the
previous version, it has been tuned considerably for better
generation coverage and performance, and it also benefits from
improvements to both the LKB and PET for more uniform treatment
of punctuation.  The grammar also makes use of some added capability
in the LKB for expressing the 'trigger' rules which cause semantically
empty lexical entries to be added to the chart for generation under
the appropriate conditions.

There are numerous minor adjustments or corrections to the grammar,
summarized in the README file, which includes comments on a number
of LOGON-internal releases (much less carefully tested) that were
made between the last public release of 05-Sept-05 and this one.

In addition, there are some new corpus data profiles recording the
treebanked results from parsing with this version of the ERG, run
over the 6000 some items in the LOGON development corpus which is
a set of three professional English translations of a Norwegian 
booklet on tourism in the Jotenheimen region of Norway.  Please note
that at present only one of these profiles, for 'jh1', reflects
this version of the grammar; the others in 'jh0-jh5' will be updated 
soon.  All of the other more familiar profiles in erg/gold are
up to date.

  - Dan

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