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Paul Haley paul at haleyai.com
Fri Apr 10 03:24:54 CEST 2015

Hi Folks,

I'm getting the subject relation with non-hole arguments:

  * {ARG0=e61[declarative, indicative, ¬perfective, ¬progressive,
    untensed]}, {ARG1=x55[individuated, plural, third]}]

for a parse of the sentence:

  * Some organisms survive and others die as the environment changes;
    this changes the percent of organisms with certain traits in that

Here's the syntactic result of that parse, fyi:

  * 'some'('organisms')('survive')('and'('others'('die'('as'('the'('environment'('changes')))))))('this'('changes'('the'('percent'('of'('organisms'))))('with'('certain'('traits'('in'('that'('population'))))))))

The specific lexical entry involved is:

  * certain_det := d_-_prt-pl_le & [ ORTH < "certain" >, SYNSEM [
    LKEYS.ALTKEYREL.PRED _certain_q_rel, PHON.ONSET con ] ].

And the relation is defined as follows:

  * _certain_q_rel := explicit_quant_agr_q_rel.

but I'm stumped on how it's landing up with ARGs instead of normal 
quantification arguments.

Does anyone have any thoughts on whether this is proper?

Thank you,

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