[erg] The longer sunlight shines, the more energy it transfers.

Paul Haley paul at haleyai.com
Tue Mar 3 19:17:26 CET 2015


I've come across many dozens of sentences, such as the subject sentence 
(which is simplified from the original) which do not parse using the 
on-line Logon demo.

Am I missing something obvious?  It looks like an easy sentence. (If 
you're interested, I have scores.)


P.S.  Here's a few others, FYI:

 1. The greater the intensity of the sunlight, the more energy the
    sunlight transfers to that place in a given time.
 2. Molecules are spaced farthest apart in a gas.
 3. The molecules of hot air are farther apart than the molecules of
    cold air.
 4. The molecules of cold water are closer together than the molecules
    of hot water.

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