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Apologies for second reply.

I am not sure if I should be copying everyone on the e-mail or reply individually.


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Dear Emily and Alexander,

Thank you for reply.

@Emily, thank you for the link, I will make sure to read it.


2 ) erg folder contains only nested erg folder and no script folder. Perhaps I have different installation. Here is  how erg nesting look like:

4) I am interested to talk about other tools. Here is what I am exploring in parallel:

    a) C&C parser and Boxer. Here is online demo http://gingerbeard.alwaysdata.net/knews/ maintained by Valerio Basile. One can get DRS from it and with some work FOL form, but I have not done it yet.
    b) Python NLTK package has parser and prover (Prover9), but lacks comprehensive grammar and lexicon
    c) I am guessing IBM Watson should have something complete, but I cannot find anything, probably it is not open source. Would be interesting to try slot grammar parsing that Watson uses.



VirtualBox_Ubuntu+LKB 24_25_03_2019_11_54_52.png<https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Auqo1PLWxVyImCQciPvSsmRRp8y0WfpY>

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2) yes you can load ERG into lkb. In the erg directory find the subdirectories lkb and select the script file

3) for generate the Prolog I use pydelphin library

4) there are many tools , it will take some time to understand the ecosystem. I am facing the same challenge myself

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Dear Alex,

This tutorial focuses on ace, rather than the LKB, but hopefully it will get you going with the ERG quickly:



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I am new to this mailing, so my apologies for some obvious questions.

1) Before, I start asking what already has been answered multiple times, I wonder if there is way to search archive of this e-mail list (besides downloading zip files individually)?

2) I installed LKB using Ubuntu+LKB image. I loaded grammar as per instructions. But grammar has limited lexicon. I wonder if I can load ERG into LKB?

3) The below tutorial shows that it is possible to get Prolog MRS, but actual LKB does not have Prologo MRS option. There Index MRS, Simple MRS, Scoped MRS, but not Prolog MRS. Was Prolog MRS removed,  will it come back?

Implementing Typed Feature Structure Grammars<http://web.stanford.edu/group/cslipublications/cslipublications/pdf/1575862603h.pdf>
12 / Implementing Typed Feature Structure Grammars Use your browser to locate the relevant version of the LKB from the LKB website and save the file to your LKB directory.

4) Now this is off topic, but is there complete system with parser/grammar, rich lexicon and model prover/validator?


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