[developers] Re: pet dumps core

Stephan Oepen oe at csli.Stanford.EDU
Sat May 14 01:34:00 CEST 2005

hi again, anton,

> after much pain, I was able to compile pet on cygwin.  The result:
> /lingo/local/bin/cheap.exe english.grm
> reading `pet/english.set'... including `pet/common.set'...
> `pet/global.set'...
> loading `english.grm' (LinGO (Oct-04)) reading ME model `redwoods.mem'...
> [15178 features] zsh: segmentation fault (core dumped)
> I attach the core (probably without debugging symbols...)
> The configure options were:
> ./configure --prefix=/lingo/local --with-mrsdir=/delphin/lkb
> --with-eclmrs=/lingo/local --with-boost=/usr/
> No UCI, because it caused compile errors.

compiling PET on CygWin seems an accomplishment to me!  we used to do
it around 2001, but the `main' branch you are using has seen quite a
bit of development since.  since you are using the ERG, we actually
recommend the older `oe' branch for now, see the discussion at:


however, even here the ECL embedding (required for MRS output) has not
been tried on CygWin, for all i know.  it is important to make sure you
get a clean recompile (in ECL) of the relevant Lisp code (`make mrs' in
the `cheap/' sub-directory), and i also suspect you might be better off
getting ICU included, as it has been a long while that we have compiled
without ICU support (in fact, the latest ERG version is UTF-8 encoded).

i am afraid, i will not have time to work on CygWin support in the near
future, hence you will either have to further debug the above problem,
get help from bernd or others, or just move to working in Linux :-).  i
had a quick look at the stack dump you sent, and i suspect the problem
could be related to using -DUSEMMAP?  for all i remember, in CygWin, we
used to not depend on mmap(2) but a slightly less efficient method (for
making the distinction between `permanent' and temporary dags).  hence,
you could try dropping USEMMAP and then may (or may not) have to define

                                                  all the best  -  oe

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