[developers] Re: redwoods and mrs

Anton Ivanov aivanov at stanford.edu
Sat May 14 03:09:55 CEST 2005

Hi Stephan,

Wow, what a useful webpage! I wish it was linked to from

Now, reports from the field.

I ran the install script, modified the export script to only export
:dependencies, and ran it like

./export redwoods/jun-04/vm6/04-06-11

(after fiddling with LD_LIBRARY_PATH to make libXm visible) on a recent
Fedora machine with 500m of RAM.

The result:

[changing package from "COMMON-LISP-USER" to "LKB"]
LKB(1): Error: An explicit gc call caused a need for 532938752 more bytes
       heap.  The operating system will not make the space available
       because of a lack of swap space or some other operating system
       imposed limit or memory mapping collision.

Well, I said, fine.  I'll find you more memory.  I installed on one of
stanford's vine machines (2GB ram, debian 3.0).
a) uname does not understand -i on this machine.  I created a wrapper.
b) libc against which libXm is linked is different from libc on this
machine.  bomb.

Well, I said, fine.  I'll give you a Solaris machine.  So I installed on
on one of Stanford's tree machines.  After chaning export to run the
solaris tdsb, i got it to churn for a while, until it bailed with

[changing package from "COMMON-LISP-USER" to "LKB"]
LKB(1): LKB(2): T
LKB(3): T
LKB(4): T
LKB(7): ; Loading /tmp/delphin/lkb/src/general/itsdb.lisp
;   Loading /tmp/delphin/lkb/src/general/loadup.lisp
;     Loading /tmp/delphin/lkb/src/general/allegro-patches.lisp
;     Loading /tmp/delphin/lkb/src/general/loadup-library.lisp
;   Loading /tmp/delphin/lkb/src/general/defsystem.lisp
;   Loading /tmp/delphin/lkb/src/systems/tsdb.system
;   Loading /tmp/delphin/lkb/src/systems/pvm.system
;   Foreign loading /tmp/delphin/lkb/src/pvm/solaris/pvm.so.
Error: The compiler is not available in Allegro Runtime.
  [condition type: RUNTIME-RESTRICTION]

But it did get up to

exporting `redwoods/jun-04/vm6/04-06-11' [4000 -- 4200]

before then, so may be the output is lying around somewhere?  If so,



On Sat, 14 May 2005, Stephan Oepen wrote:

> hi anton,
> good to see you actively using some of the LinGO stuff!  i am copying a
> larger list on some replies, so others get a chance to comment too.
> > is there a simple way to extract (r)mrs's from redwoods?
> > I'd like to study how verbs cluster based on what occurs in their ARG
> > slots.  Would another good way to go about getting enough data for this be
> > parsing sentences from eg GCIDE with PET?
> starting from Redwoods treebanks, you get the benefit of only looking
> at hand-selected analyses, i.e. the chance of seeing correct MRSs for
> the actually preferred analysis is by far higher.  parsing GCIDE data
> with PET, you would depend on the stochastic parse selection machinery
> to make a selection among analyses for you, and (lacking training data)
> we have never trained a model specifically for GCIDE.  even training on
> one of the Redwoods domains, parse selection only achieves some eighty
> per cent accuracy, so manually annotated data will always be better.
> exporting MRSs from Redwoods should be straightforward.  take a look at
>   http://wiki.delph-in.net/moin/RedwoodsTop
> and then consider adapting the `export' script supplied already.  this
> will likely work best in a Linux environment with plenty (> 1.5 gbyte)
> of RAM, though.
>                                                    all the best  -  oe
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