[developers] Re: Macintosh version of LKB now publicly available

Emily M. Bender ebender at u.washington.edu
Thu Jun 16 19:13:01 CEST 2005

On Thu, Jun 16, 2005 at 05:59:22PM +0100, John Carroll wrote:
> I've exchanged emails with one of them already, Rebecca Nesson from 
> Harvard. She contacted me directly after seeing me mentioned on the 
> LkbInstallation web page. She successfully installed this new version 
> today.

Excellent -- thanks!

> >--- Occasionally, clicking on a node in a parse tree and
> >clicking on "Feature Structure --- Edge NN" can take a long
> >time to execute, pretty much taking over the whole computer
> >in the process.
> If you wiggle the cursor, does it change to a watch image? Or is it a 
> pointer the whole time? It sometimes seems a little slow to me, but 
> perhaps I've got used to it. I'll see if I can make this more 
> efficient.

It stays the pointer (though I have seen the spinning color wheel a
couple of times), but everything becomes unresponsive.  For example,
I tried requesting "feature structure" for three edges in quick succession.
It let me do the first two, but then the pop up menu wouldn't come
for the third.  I also couldn't click on a window from another app
to move to it, or bring another LKB window to the front, or alt-tab
between apps.  The length of time it takes to display an edge seems
to be correlated with the amount of information in hte edge.

> Unfortunately there is quite a lot of CLIM stuff behind compare. I've 
> fixed things so that unimplemented menu items are greyed out. I've put 
> a new version in 'stable'.



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