[developers] Re: Macintosh version of LKB now publicly available

John Carroll J.A.Carroll at sussex.ac.uk
Fri Jun 17 00:19:30 CEST 2005

On 16 Jun 2005, at 19:45, Woodley Packard wrote:

> I can confirm similar behavior.  An additional clue:  running "shrink" 
> or "expand" on a node inside an AVM also takes a surprisingly long 
> time on big ones, and seems to be correlated to the size of the AVM.
> I also noticed that occasionally dragging the scrollbars seem 
> ignored... I parsed "the dog chased the cat" (under the ERG), opened 
> up the top level AVM, scrolled all the way to the bottom, and then 
> tried to scroll all the way to the top and found I was still looking 
> at the bottom of the AVM (although the scrollbar indicated the top).  
> Nodes were not clickable in this situation, though.  If I shrink the 
> window and make it bigger while in this strange state, the exposed 
> portions get updated with the correct data, leaving orphaned data from 
> the bottom of the AVM still sitting around in the other parts of the 
> screen...

I hadn't noticed that, but maybe I have a different setting for shrunk 


This is with the very latest ERG "LinGO (30-Apr-05; SP2)". With this 
shrunk types setting, feature structures are quite manageable in size.

In fact, with *no* shrunk types, the feature structure window for the 
parse of "the dog chased the cat" still behaves itself -- apart from 
horizontal scrolling not quite reaching the most embedded part of the 
feature structure.

I do get bad behaviour for longer sentences, such as "the dog chased 
the cat that I saw in the garden", where it takes around 10 seconds for 
the window to be displayed, and it comes without a vertical scroll bar. 
But I don't get any strange artifacts in the window after resizing.

I was thinking that perhaps Emily was seeing her LKB session getting 
bogged down because she didn't have enough memory in her machine? I 
have 1GB in my powerbook G4 667HMz and it all seems to hum along quite 


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