[developers] Re: *grammar-locale*?

Ben Waldron benjamin.waldron at cl.cam.ac.uk
Fri Jun 17 23:24:57 CEST 2005

Ann Copestake wrote:

>was the check for *locale* / *grammar-locale* something you added to NorSource
>scripts?  If so, what was the motivation?  Just to give a more helpful error
>message?  If so, I don't think it's helping - it caused the current grammar to
>fail to load into Windows (despite the fact it works fine) 
The motivation was: if the encoding/locale (which is a propertly of the 
grammar files as a whole) is set wrongly then the grammar gives cryptic 
error messages on loading, or else it loads without error but runs 
incorrectly -- some people in Norway had this problem. I assume the 
check failed for you under MS Windows because the Microsoft code page 
1252 is virtually the same as Latin-1 -- I've checked in a fix for this. 
Clearly the error message could be made more helpful.

As evidenced by the current thread on the developers list, the locale 
issue can be tricky to get right...

Feel free to disable this piece of code if you like. On the other hand, 
I'd prefer to tweak the mechanism into a state where it is actually 
useful to users.


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