[developers] Re: [delph-in] Lisbon meeting planning

Montserrat Marimon montserrat.marimon at upf.edu
Tue Jun 21 10:01:10 CEST 2005

Good morning all,

I plan to attend the meeting in Lisbon. I'm afraid, however, I don't 
have anything to present, I have more questions than answers, specilly 
w.r.t. integration of external taggers in LKB... I've just been working 
for a few months on the Spanish grammar (I first migrated my ALEP 
grammar into LKB, and, though it was an interesting experiment for fast 
grammar development, that grammar was too ALEP driven (I don't know 
whether you know ALEP)). So far I've been mainly working on lexical 
types and, together with my colleague Nuria Bel, clustering of words to 
help the students to encode lexical entries in LKB, do you think that is 
of any interest to the delph-in community?


Emily M. Bender wrote:

>Dear DELPH-IN Participants,
>The time has come to work out the schedule of our meeting in Lisbon
>(18-20 August).  The purposes of this meeting are:
>(a) update each other on recent developments and current
>(b) discuss more what we actually expect from DELPH-IN
>(and each other)
>(c) create the opportunity for some contentful exchange
>on computational grammar research in the DELPH-IN spirit
>In order to meet these goals, we are designing a program which
>consists primarily of time for participants to present their current
>activities (20 minutes + 10 minutes for discussion), in addition to
>some organized discussions.
>The participant presentations will ideally be relatively informal, and
>we would be happy to see work that has been presented elsewhere,
>especially if most DELPH-IN participants were not in attendance.  The
>workshop will have no proceedings, but we would like to collect (links
>to) slides or other materials as appropriate on the DELPH-IN wiki for
>later consultation and for the benefit of participants who were not
>able to attend.
>In response to this email, please notify standing at delph-in.net
>a) you plan to attend (if you have not done so already)
>b) you would be willing to contribute a presentation
>c) a tentative title and list of authors for your presentation
>d) any topics you would like to see addressed in the
>Many thanks,
>Emily, for the DELPH-IN standing committee

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