[Fwd: Re: [developers] Re: still problem with accents...]

Ben Waldron benjamin.waldron at cl.cam.ac.uk
Tue Jun 21 15:30:04 CEST 2005

Hi Montse-

What do you get if you run the Emacs command M-x 
describe-current-coding-system from the *common-lisp* buffer? The output 
will be something like the following:


Coding system for saving this buffer:
  Not set locally, use the default.
Default coding system (for new files):
  1 -- iso-latin-1 (alias: iso-8859-1 latin-1)
Coding system for keyboard input:
  u -- utf-8 (alias of mule-utf-8)
Coding system for terminal output:
  u -- utf-8 (alias of mule-utf-8)
Coding systems for process I/O:
  encoding input to the process: = -- emacs-mule
  decoding output from the process: = -- emacs-mule
Defaults for subprocess I/O:
  decoding: 1 -- iso-latin-1 (alias: iso-8859-1 latin-1)
  encoding: 1 -- iso-latin-1 (alias: iso-8859-1 latin-1)

Priority order for recognizing coding systems when reading files:
  1. iso-latin-1 (alias: iso-8859-1 latin-1)
  2. iso-2022-jp (alias: junet)
  3. iso-2022-7bit
  4. iso-2022-7bit-lock (alias: iso-2022-int-1)
  5. iso-2022-8bit-ss2
  6. emacs-mule
  7. raw-text
  8. japanese-shift-jis (alias: shift_jis sjis)
  9. chinese-big5 (alias: big5 cn-big5)
  10. no-conversion (alias: binary)
  11. mule-utf-8 (alias: utf-8)

  Other coding systems cannot be distinguished automatically
  from these, and therefore cannot be recognized automatically
  with the present coding system priorities.

  The followings are decoded correctly but recognized as iso-2022-7bit-lock:
    iso-2022-7bit-ss2 iso-2022-7bit-lock-ss2 iso-2022-cn iso-2022-cn-ext
    iso-2022-jp-2 iso-2022-kr

Particular coding systems specified for certain file names:

  ---------    --------------        ----------------
  File I/O    "\\.po[tx]?\\'"        po-find-file-coding-system
        "\\.elc\\'"        (emacs-mule . emacs-mule)
                    (raw-text . raw-text-unix)
        "\\.tar\\'"        (no-conversion . no-conversion)
        ""            (undecided)
  Process I/O    nothing specified
  Network I/O    nothing specified



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