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Emily M. Bender ebender at u.washington.edu
Mon Jul 18 21:34:12 CEST 2005

Hi folks,

We have a request for information on training language models
for parse selection in Lisbon.  This sounds more like a presentation topic
than a discussion topic to me.  Is anyone involved in that
work interested in making a presentation?


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Dear Emily,
many thanks for the infos and schedule.
I was wondering whether one of the scheduled
discussions or presentations will contain something
about training language models. It would be very useful
(probably not only to us) to learn more about available
tools for (re)training parse selection.
Best wishes, Anette

>As general topics I would be very interested to learn more about 
>current developments
>in statistical modelling, i.e. parse selection, in particular about 
>possibilities to refine or retrain
>language models for grammar applications in specific domains, as e.g. 
>in our QA scenario.

Emily M. Bender wrote:

>Dear Delph-In participants,
>Information about the upcoming meeting in Lisbon, as well
>as a preliminary schedule, are now available on the Delph-In
>wiki at this URL:
>If you are giving a presentation, please verify that it is
>listed on the schedule, with the correct title and authors,
>and that the time is suitable (I believe I scheduled around
>all known conflicts).   If not, please contact me.
>Note that some of the time is devoted to discussions of
>various Delph-In related topics.  Each discussion needs a
>moderator and a scribe.  The moderator will start off the
>discussion by situating the issue and posing specific questions
>for discussion.  The scribe will take notes of the ideas
>which emerge and post them to the wiki afterwards.  We
>are looking for volunteers for each discussion --- please
>email standing at delph-in.net to volunteer!
>for the Standing Committee

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