[developers] unified DELPH-IN bug tracking

Ulrich Schaefer ulrich.schaefer at dfki.de
Sat Aug 20 15:08:28 CEST 2005

the system I mentioned yesterday is TRAC ( http://www.edgewall.com/trac/ ).
It is published under the GPL. I did not try it, but it was recommended
to us by our infrastructure group to host DFKI open source projects with
distributed developments.


Zitat von Stephan Oepen <oe at csli.Stanford.EDU>:

> during the testing session yesterday, there was a desire to establish a
> central bug tracking (aka ticket) system for DELPH-IN.  i would expect
> to see top-level classifications according to component (or resource),
> type of report (bug vs. feature or documentation request), priority, et
> al.  i volunteered to identify a suitable tool and get this going.
> within our LOGON project in norway, we have had good experience using
> GNATS, but i imagine there are other systems people have used and would
> maybe prefer over GNATS.  i plan to do some more background research on
> this but would also want to encourage discussion among developers.
>                                                           best  -  oe

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