[developers] Re: *cvs-version*

Stephan Oepen oe at csli.Stanford.EDU
Sun Aug 28 16:04:54 CEST 2005


> How is the LKB *cvs-version* currently being set?  What's the policy?  Some
> time ago, the message that used to appear when one checked in code about
> remembering to update the version number ceased to appear and I've not just
> forgotten to do it, but forgotten how to do it ...

i suspect your `CVS/Repository' files still say `newlkb'?  the reminder
about updating `version.lsp' is triggered as follows:

  ^lkb /lingo/CVS/remind

thus, you might have to do a fresh checkout as `lkb' for the message to
show again (the older repository name `newlkb' still works, but subtle
things like the on-commit reminder turn out sensitive against legacy).

the actual command to force an update is

  cvs commit -f -m "" version.lsp

--- i was not part of the original decision about policy, i think, but
it could just be that nonone had worked out a way of auto-updating the
`version.lsp' content upon each commit?  without more research, i would 
not know how to do it, at least.  and then i would be more inclined to
evaluate moving to subversion instead.

                                                          best  -  oe

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