[developers] unified DELPH-IN bug tracking

Stephan Oepen oe at csli.Stanford.EDU
Sun Aug 28 17:13:39 CEST 2005


> don't have any opinion except that we should probably have it set up
> so there's a web interface linked to the DELPH-IN pages.  Maybe we
> should ask people to communicate bugs via the web interface and
> retire the lkb-bugs email address (make it autorespond with the URL)?

yes, i was thinking web submission should be the primary means of bug
reporting; it means people see the various fields of interest and may
end up providing more useful information.  if there were to be email
submission too, i think it would have to be moderated, and personally 
i am not keen on doing that part.

> But if we're going to do this I'd like to know fairly soon, because I
> want to email lkb-list with the Wiki pages and should warn if we're
> planning on changing bug reporting.

i think you could well announce the many nice things in the wiki world,
and we can send an update on bug reporting when things are ready.

> Could we have a bit more detail of the discussion please?  Is the
> plan to integrate the grammars into bug reporting too?  Not
> necessarily bugs of the form `it doesn't parse X' but bugs in the
> globals, user-fns and patch files need to be reported somehow

it looks like a discussion summary is coming together on the wiki, but
personally i would expect to have a category for each component in the
DELPH-IN repository, i.e. including the grammars.

                                                         cheers  -  oe

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