[developers] Re: allegro 7 64-bit plus CLIM

Stephan Oepen oe at csli.Stanford.EDU
Thu Oct 27 18:39:58 CEST 2005

> have you tried this?  out of the box, the LKB crashes when loading
> the ERG.  Seems to be related to CLIM, since tty is OK, although it's
> not happening when any display related stuff should be happening ...

yes, that was my diagnosis too, but i have never looked any further
(even though francis has encouraged me more than once :-).  we have
used our 64-bit machines mostly for batch processing (e.g. generator
performance data in the IJCNLP experiments), so i was not unhappy to
give interactive users a reason to stay away from those nodes ...

i suspect the crash may occur as the gc cursor is turned on in CLIM,
since the gc notification hooks (function pointers) are sensitive to
pointer size (at least i had an issue in the [incr tsdb()] interface
initially).  a mini-CLIM application, just one pane, and a forced gc()
call should be sufficient to test this theory.  and, if successful,
will make a fine bug report for Franz.  ben, would you have time for
this?  and if you end up asking about CLIM, maybe remind them of the
earlier PRs we have pending :-).

                                                        best  -  oe

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