[developers] top-level cfrom/cto values in xml always -1

Francis Bond fcbond at gmail.com
Fri Oct 28 12:20:29 CEST 2005


> i've been asked to fix the top-level cfrom and cto values of PET's
> XML-MRS output. The problem is that i can not pass the correct values
> to fs-to-mrs for further processing. Or would there be another
> (recommended) way to fix that?

Changing the subject slightly, would it be possible to pass an
identifier from the pet-input-chart to the XML-RMRS output?  Or do you
think that that should be done as an external wrapper of some kind?

We are currently doing something along the lines of:

<pet-input-chart ident = "XXXX">

giving parses with xml RMRSs of the form:

<rmrs ident = "XXXX:1">  parse 1
<rmrs ident = "XXXX:2">  parse 1
<rmrs ident = "XXXX:3">  parse 3

but by a complicated and ugly series of pre and post processing.  The
number after the colon is the result number (nres).

Perhaps if there is no identifier in the input, then XXX should
default to the number pet gives in brackets (stats.id).

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