[developers] mrs.system dead?

Stephan Oepen oe at csli.Stanford.EDU
Mon Oct 31 10:44:09 CET 2005

> > > the `mrs' system gets used to compile an MRS library in ECL.  so,
> > > to the extent that its current out-of-sync-ness will be
> > > problematic in the PET context, whoever re-builds PET next would
> > > have to fix things.
> Does this mean that the MRS(s) created by cheap with -mrs will be
> different from those created by the lkb for the same string?

no, for all i know not.  dan had to rebuild his PET on friday, so had
to recompile the MRS library in ECL, which worked well.  i have yet to
look at the discreprancies between the MRS system and the MRS code in
the LKB (that ann pointed out), but i assume that there are some extra
files in the LKB now that are not used in the PET integration (in fact,
PET makes use of a small fraction of the MRS code only, i think).

ann, you proposed re-naming `mrs.system', and i would rather not: the
name is baked into several Makefiles and likely referenced in various
pieces of documentation (on installing PET).

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