[developers] characterization

Francis Bond fcbond at gmail.com
Wed Nov 16 14:28:46 CET 2005


Thanks for working on the characterization.  I had a little play with
it.  It (lkb::*cvs-version*  "$Date: 2005/10/25 16:56:39 $") works
when exporting from [incr tsdb()], but when I try and do it
interactively it almost always fails with the following warning:
Error: Stack overflow (signal 1000)

This makes testing tedious, as I have to restart lisp each time.

Also, the cfrom/cto values seem to be token positions.  I thought the
consensus was that they should be characters.  Or if you want
character positions do you have to give them explicitly in the input
in some way?

Francis Bond  <www.kecl.ntt.co.jp/icl/mtg/members/bond/>
NTT Communication Science Laboratories | Machine Translation Research Group

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