[developers] cfrom/cto in cheap - bug when packing?

Dan Flickinger danf at csli.stanford.edu
Mon Nov 28 17:10:49 CET 2005

Hi Francis -

After consultation with Ben Waldron today, I can report that if you do the
following three things you can get characterization to work for the ERG
in the LKB, though I don't know what would be required for cheap.  So
if your question was just about cheap, then never mind this message.
And note carefully that the changes below are not guaranteed to be
compatible with other functionality such as that provided by [incr tsdb()]
or the Redwoods machinery. So caveat adoptor :)

At present, the three steps are as follows:
1. In erg/lkb/globals.lsp, include the line
   (setf *characterize-p* t)
2. In erg/lkb/user-fns.lsp, include the following redefinition
   (defun preprocess-sentence-string (str)
     (x-preprocess str :format :chared))
3. In erg/lkb/script, replace the line
   (read-preprocessor (lkb-pathname (parent-directory) "preprocessor.fsr"))
   with the line
   (x-read-preprocessor (lkb-pathname (parent-directory) "preprocessor.fsr"))

I have not experimented extensively with these alterations, and direct
queries to Ben.



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