[developers] pending/777: generation does not work (pending)

Stephan Oepen oe at csli.Stanford.EDU
Thu Jan 12 10:59:03 CET 2006

hi sara,

>  I just moved a working grammar from Solaris, where it worked fine, to 
>  Linux (Ubuntu Breezy) with the newest lkb version (which is not 
>  available for Solaris, and which I wanted for LUI...).
>  After quite a few problems to get the coding right, it turned out I had 
>  to make sure the text-files were utf-8 to make lkb accept my Swedish 
>  characters ("åäö"), I finally got the grammar to load, and to parse. The 
>  problem is that it won't generate anything. I have done the indexing for 
>  the generator. When I try to generate it says:
>      Warning: Attempt to take the car of
>      #<Printer Error, obj=#xe 18302b1:#<TYPE-ERROR @ #x47a2e912>>which is not
>      listp
>  And I get a message window which says "no strings generated". I have no 
>  idea why this is, and hope that someone could help me!

congratulations on moving into the work of UniCode and LUI.  i hope you
will not regret the move, despite its initial cost!

just from the message, it is hard saying what goes wrong.  could i ask
you to either send a copy of your grammar or put it out for download
somewhere?  i will be happy looking into this problem then.

>  Another problem (which seems to be known, but anyway) is that I cannot 
>  write Swedish characters in the graphic parse window, only in the lisp 
>  dialog. Is there any way to solve this? It worked fine in Solaris by the 
>  way, as long as the Swedsih character were not last in the sentence...

yes, we know the LKB parse input window rejects accented characters,
and every other month we send a reminder to Franz about this, since it
is a problem in the underlying widget library (CLIM).  i did not know,
however, that this used to mostly work under Solaris.  which version of
the LKB (value of *cvs-version*) did you have on Solaris?

                                                       all best  -  oe

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