[developers] ECL for new PET

Zhengbo Zhou zhengbo at u.washington.edu
Sat Apr 22 23:08:49 CEST 2006

Hi All,

I followed the installation instruction on the wiki for pet-0.99.12.  This time when after ./configure, it shows the following message:


[root at localhost pet-0.99.12]# ./configure --exec-prefix=/lingo/pet-0.99.12/cheap/ --with-tsdb=/lingo/delphin/lkb/ --with-eclmrs=/lingo/local/ --with-icu=/lingo/local/ --with-mrsdir=/lingo/delphin/lkb


Boost (required for flop) is available
tsdb is available
ecl lisp processor is NOT available
MRS code with ecl is NOT available
preprocessor code with ecl is NOT available
ICU is available
XML input mode is NOT available
External SQL dictionary is NOT available
Memory allocation with mmap is available
Code for quick-check computation is NOT available

Does that mean my ecl installation and setting is not compatible with the PET?  I also followed the installation instructions for ECL on the wiki, but the result was different for the previous version of PET.  Did I do something wrong?



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