[developers] PET 0.99.12 + MRS Build Errors

Bernd Kiefer kiefer at dfki.de
Fri Apr 28 10:15:37 CEST 2006

> Hi Bernd -
> Your patch below broke the "preprocessor" system.
> - Ben
> ===

ahmm, yes. Didn't i send you new versions of it with the preproc
tar file? I just replied to Francis suggestion how to fix it (wrongly),
but forgot to send it to developers, too:

> > in the latest cvs of lkb (and the --test install)
> > src/general/ecl-patches.lsp defines the following functions:
> > ecl-initialize-libbuild
> > ecl-finalize-libbuild
> > 
> > In both src/systems/ppcre.lsp and preprocessor.lisp, there are references to:
> > ecl-initialize and ecl-finalize
> > 
> > replacing ecl-initialize with ecl-initialize-libbuild and ecl-finalize
> > with ecl-finalize-libbuild allows me to make cheap with the
> > preprocessor, but as I don't normally use it, I am not able to test
> > that this is the correct solution.  If this is the correct solution, I
> > would be happy to commit it, but I wasn't sure whether to add
> > -libbuild to one, or take it away from another.  Either way, I  am,
> > tempted to believe that it is impossible to build cheap with the
> > preprocessor and the current lkb cvs head.

> I'm sorry but this is not the right solution. I sent Ben some patches
> that are hopefully of help when he tries to integrate his version with
> the new pet version. The systems files should be completely independent
> of ecl, and the ecl-(initialize|finalize)-functions are in the pet
> makefiles.

> Seems we need a little bit more time to consolidate.

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