[developers] status of Allegro CLIM

Timothy Moore moore at bricoworks.com
Thu May 4 07:22:19 CEST 2006

I've taken over CLIM support duties from Arthur Lemmens. I will aim for 
having a fix for spr30363 (or did you mean spr30362?) for you be 
Wednesday of next week, and then I'll be able to take a look at the 
issues in spr30570.

Timothy Moore

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> Subject: status of Allegro CLIM
> dear all,
> we are preparing the purchase of a three-platform department license,
> and i am wondering about the status of Allegro CLIM.  for all i know,
> it has been a while that the product has been updated.  our community
> has had two crippling problem reports (viz. [spr30363] and [spr30570]) 
> in the support queue since august 2005.  despite our frequent hassling
> (from various sites), there has been no progress on these issues.
> in summary, we have long had the impression that Franz has effectively
> discontinued its Allegro CLIM product.  given your investment in CG, i
> can actually see the wisdom of such a decision, but then we would like
> to get clarity about this policy.  
> right now, we are reluctant to use money on CLIM, specifically on CLIM
> maintenance which we have been unable to obtain in recent history.  in
> our application, unfortunately, we still depend on CLIM.  we would be
> very grateful if someone from within product development could comment
> on the situation.  particularly, i was wondering whether open-sourcing
> CLIM and converting it into a community project would be an option?
>                               with thanks in advance; all best  -  oe
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