[developers] status of Allegro CLIM

Stephan Oepen oe at csli.Stanford.EDU
Thu May 4 08:51:07 CEST 2006

hi timothy,

very glad to hear from you about CLIM support!  the crippling thing to
our application is that we have never been able to support text input
of non-ASCII (i.e. not even single-byte iso-8859-1 or the like).  it
looks like this problem was first reported as [spr30362] by colleagues
from cambridge; for some reason, later communication on the same issue
has [spr30363] in the `Subject:' line, which is probably wrong.

a possibly related problem is [spr30570] about display of korean.  we
have encouraged our users to move to utf-8 lately, and euc-kr support
is less pressing now.  but for all i remember, korean display (maybe
font selection) fails to work in a utf-8 universe too.  if need be, we
will be happy to provide further test cases.

                                                      all best  -  oe

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