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Wendy Yung wyung at franz.com
Fri Jun 9 20:02:16 CEST 2006

Hello Stephan,

I didn't hear back from you and thought I should write back since you 
mentioned you plan to purchase our department license.  Please let me 
know if you have any questions or concerns, I'll be happy to provide 

We would also require information from you before we can send out a 
quotation document.  You can find those questions in my previous 
correspondence below.

I certainly look forward to hearing from you again and thank you for 
your continued support for Allegro CL!

Best regards,
*Wendy Yung*
Account Manager
Franz Inc.
555 12th St. Ste. 1450
Oakland, CA 94607
Tel: (510) 452-2000 ext. 141
Fax: (510) 452-0182

Wendy Yung wrote:
> Hello Stephan,
> Thank you for your e-mail!  First of all, it is with regret to let you 
> know that Celine, your previous point of contact at Franz, has already 
> moved on to other opportunities and is no longer working here with 
> us.  She will be dearly missed but we can assure you the same great 
> communication and service Celine has provided in the past.  I am the 
> Account Manager for Europe in her place, so if you have any questions 
> or problems I can address, please feel free to let me know and I'll 
> help out as best I can!
> I spoke to our support staff concerning your problem using Allegro 
> CLIM.  We apologize for the delay in responding to your bug reports, 
> they have been retrieved and placed as our top priority.  You'll be 
> receiving a response for them as soon as a fix is out.  They also 
> wanted to let you know that CLIM is still supported despite the fact 
> that no updates have been available recently.  In the future, I'll 
> make sure that when you encounter any issues arising from CLIM, 
> they'll be on top of it!  We, however, do not have plans to 
> open-source it yet.
> It is great news that you plan to purchase our department licenses.  
> Please let me know the respective platforms you require and whether 
> you need the CLIM add-on for each.  It'll also be very helpful if you 
> can answer the following questions so I can create a personalized 
> quotation document for you:
> * Do you need the following functionality....
>     Oracle Direct (High-performance direct access to Oracle Databases 
> for use with Enterprise versions)?
>     Allegro ORBLink (Franz's CORBA implementation)?
>     Runtime (create stand-alone images to execute outside of the LISP 
> environment)?
> * What is the budget allowance you've set for this purchase?
> Thanks in advance, and I look forward to your response!
> Warm regards,
> *Wendy Yung*
> Account Manager
> Franz Inc.
> 555 12th St. Ste. 1450
> Oakland, CA 94607
> Tel: (510) 452-2000 ext. 141
> Fax: (510) 452-0182
> Stephan Oepen wrote:
>> dear all,
>> we are preparing the purchase of a three-platform department license,
>> and i am wondering about the status of Allegro CLIM.  for all i know,
>> it has been a while that the product has been updated.  our community
>> has had two crippling problem reports (viz. [spr30363] and [spr30570]) 
>> in the support queue since august 2005.  despite our frequent hassling
>> (from various sites), there has been no progress on these issues.
>> in summary, we have long had the impression that Franz has effectively
>> discontinued its Allegro CLIM product.  given your investment in CG, i
>> can actually see the wisdom of such a decision, but then we would like
>> to get clarity about this policy.  
>> right now, we are reluctant to use money on CLIM, specifically on CLIM
>> maintenance which we have been unable to obtain in recent history.  in
>> our application, unfortunately, we still depend on CLIM.  we would be
>> very grateful if someone from within product development could comment
>> on the situation.  particularly, i was wondering whether open-sourcing
>> CLIM and converting it into a community project would be an option?
>>                               with thanks in advance; all best  -  oe
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