[developers] LexDB

Ben Waldron bmw20 at cl.cam.ac.uk
Fri Sep 15 14:00:07 CEST 2006

Hi Francis -

I've added the functionality you asked for (below) to the Emacs/LexDB 
interface (for both single- and multi-user LexDB's).

Francis Bond wrote:
> We have been playing with the single user lexDB, enjoying the speed 
> and responsiveness (^_^).
> A few suggestions/requests for improvements:
> (1) a delete menu entry (maybe only when in single-user mode)
> (2) a change menu entry (when we want to keep the same entry but 
> change the ID)
> (3) a short cut for searching by orthography (C-cs)
>      - like M-s when you are in the orthography field (we end up doing 
> this a lot)
> (4) a title:  
>    (widget-insert "Lexical Database Entry:\n")
> It would be even better if it included the DB and table name: 
> jacy.lex, and was bold.
> Lexical Database Entry ( jacy.lex):
> (5) a grouping of menu entries for dumping and maybe reading.

I can reproduce this "weirdness"... but I'm not yet sure how best to fix it.

> And finally some wierdness with the code:
> (a) If I load  pg-interface at startup (e.g. in .emacs I include (load 
> "pg-interface")) then I get the following error when  I try to use 
> M-tab-l or M-s:
> make-ring: Wrong type argument: wholenump, (("inu-noun" "bond" 
> "2006-09-04 19:00:08.752803+09"))
> However, if I autoload pg-interface after I have started the lkb and 
> loaded the grammar then all is well:
> (autoload 'lexdb "pg-interface" "LKB lexicon DB interface" t)
> I am not sure exactly what it is that is causing the problem.

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