[developers] [spr30362] bug using climxm

Andreas Fuchs afuchs at franz.com
Tue Oct 10 16:05:51 CEST 2006


Berthold Crysmann wrote:
> Dear Andreas,
> using your patch produces the follwing error message while trying to 
> compile our application:
> Error: attempt to call `CLIM-UTILS::_MALLOC' which is an undefined
>       function.
>  [condition type: UNDEFINED-FUNCTION]
> Restart actions (select using :continue):
> 0: Try calling CLIM-UTILS::_MALLOC again.
> 1: Return a value instead of calling CLIM-UTILS::_MALLOC.
> 2: Try calling a function other than CLIM-UTILS::_MALLOC.
> 3: Setf the symbol-function of CLIM-UTILS::_MALLOC and call it again.
> 4: Abort entirely from this (lisp) process.
> [changing package from "COMMON-LISP-USER" to "LKB"]
> [Current process: start-lkb-frame]

I think that error message means you didn't compile the patch-fonts 
file. (-:

alisp -locale en_GB.UTF-8 -e '(load (compile-file "patch-fonts.lisp"))'
works fine for me.

If that doesn't help, please send me the commands you use to load your 
lisp, the patch, and your application.


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