[developers] CL-PPCRE 1.2.18

Ben Waldron bmw20 at cl.cam.ac.uk
Fri Nov 10 15:10:01 CET 2006

Ben Waldron wrote:
> I've heard no objections, so I plan to go ahead and upgrade to 
> CL-PPCRE 1.2.18 later this week.

I've put this on ice. When using CL-PPCRE 1.2.18 the Lisp code appears 
to compile without difficulty under ECL, and runs fine under a 
stand-alone ECL process. But when running under the ECL embedded in PET, 
the following error occurs:

bmw20 at t41:~/erg$ ~/repos/pet/main/cheap/cheap -mrs -tok=fsr -verbose=5 
reading `pet/english.set'... including `pet/common.set'... 
#[X-FSPP (63 global, 438 token-level rules @ `[ \t]+')]
The symbol END-STRING is bound to an ordinary function and is not a 
valid name for a generic function
Broken at ERROR.

- Ben

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