[developers] [itsdb] parse big corpus with itsdb

Ben Waldron bmw20 at cl.cam.ac.uk
Mon Nov 13 18:42:03 CET 2006

Timothy Baldwin wrote:
> Curioser and curioser ... s-xml was indeed there in the ubuntu package, and
> yet CVS obstinately refused to admit its existence until I did a clean
> checkout. Either way, everything compiles beautifully now in 64-bit mode
> (without the memory map) and seems to be working happily. Thanks for the help!

Hi Tim -

It's necessary to call 'cvs update' with the '-d' option in order the 
obtain directories from CVS that aren't already sitting in your working 
directory. Eg.

cvs update -d

Normally 'cvs update' acts only on files and directories which are 
already on your local machine, so if someone creates a new directory you 
don't get it by default. Annoying, I know.

- Ben

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