[developers] RMRS output in cheap broken

Francis Bond fcbond at gmail.com
Mon Dec 4 11:20:10 CET 2006


>  rmrs output in current svn pet seems to be broken. I compiled fresh from
> the SVN repo today, against today's CVS LKB and ECL 0.9h.
>  While simple, mrx and scoped and dependency output is ok, rmrs and rmrx
> output complain about "NO MRS".

We noticed this and pointed out a work around in the thread misleadingly called:
MRS in PET SVN with selective packing

The basic problem is that there are two files called convert.lisp, one
in ppcre and one in rmrs.   When they are both compiled into mrs.o by
ecl, it gets confused.  Renaming one, for example rmrs/convert.lisp ->
rmrs/rmrs-convert.lisp (and changing mrs.system accordingly), makes
things better again.

Ann asked if anyone could come up with a better solution that didn't
involve renaming something, but we weren't able to, and there things

Francis Bond
NICT Computational Linguistics Group

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